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     Midlands Comic Con reminder
15th Feb Written By Saara

Hannah and Andrew will be at the Midlands Comic Con tomorrow. You can view the guest list here and buy your tickets here. If you go there, don’t hesitate to get back to us and share your pictures, videos, stories etc.

     PNW Episode 12 Stills & Captures
13th Feb Written By Saara

Here go screen captures and promotional stills of The Sound of Thunder (episode 12), which I really enjoyed. I can’t wait for the big finale next week.

Primeval: New World – Screen Captures – S01E12

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E12

     Death In Paradise screen captures
13th Feb Written By Saara

Here are some screen captures of yesterday’s Death In Paradise episode (2×06). It was great to see the Primeval stars together. I hope it’s alright to say that Stabby fans might get some nice memories.

Ben Miller – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

Hannah Spearritt – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

James Murray – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

     PNW S01E12 Tonight In Canada
12th Feb Written By Saara

Tonight’s Primeval: New World episode, The Sound Of Thunder, is the first part of the season finale. Next week we’ll see the return of our very own Connor Temple.

Episode Twelve: The Sound Of Thunder

Evan and Dylan must chase a Brontoscorpio through the Anomaly to get a sample of its venom after Toby is stung.

     PNW Episode Six UK Megapost *edit*
12th Feb Written By Saara

Don’t forget to watch episode six, Clean Up on Aisle Three, tonight at 9pm on Watch.

Episode Six: Clean Up on Aisle Three

The team searches for a cunning pack of daemonosaurus after a security guard is killed in a home and garden store.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E06

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E06


CrimsonTear.com: Overall, “Clean up on Aisle Three” was entertaining and fun, while setting up the possibility of huge changes for the future. Read more

SciFiBulletin: Chances are you’ll want wontons when you’ve finished seeing this – which will make sense – and regret that we’re already nearly halfway through what has to be just the debut season. Read more

DenofGeek: In conclusion, a fun drama-based episode that saw the personalities of the team shifting and deepening, supported by a basic, but enjoyable, creature hunt. Not the strongest episode, but not the weakest, and with just a few more feelings of a sense of direction permeating through the episodes, it should be on a good track to the season finale. Read more

SFX: We’re almost half way through the series and there’s still the frozen body in the freezer to name, and finding the whereabouts of the Terror Bird that Leed’s kidnapped. This is just the beginning, and it’s been a pretty good start. Read more

     Death In Paradise tonight
12th Feb Written By Saara

Tonight’s Death In Paradise episode is packed with Primeval cast. Besides Ben Miller (James Lester) we’ll see Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland) as Lily Shaw and James Murray (Stephen Hart) as Ronnie. Watch it at 9pm on BBC1.

An English tourist is strangled in her villa by a killer using the victim’s scarf. The crime scene indicates a robbery gone wrong, but DI Poole recalls an almost identical case back in London. He grows even more suspicious when the victim’s husband turns out to be crooked former colleague Doug Anderson, a name he had hoped was consigned to the past. But even though he has a watertight alibi and the team move on to further leads, Poole can’t shake the notion that his old adversary is somehow involved. Ben Miller stars, with guest appearances from Neil Pearson, Ralf Little and Miller’s former Primeval co-stars Hannah Spearritt and James Murray.

     PNW Episode 11 promotional stills
11th Feb Written By Saara

I’ve added a few MQ photos of last week’s episode The Inquisition (episode 11). Check them out below:

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E11

Credit: Impossible Pictures, Space, PrimevalNewWorld.com

     PNW Episode Eleven Reviews *edit*
7th Feb Written By Saara

These are the first reviews of The Inquisition, more to follow soon:

CrimsonTear.com: ‘The Inquisition’ wouldn’t have been anything if not for the amazing quality of the acting. Read more

ImpactOnline: The fact is that though there’s information in spades and some interesting debate-worthy motivations revealed, this is very much all setup for what’s to come, getting people where they need to be and dusting off the toy-box for playtime. Read more

DenofGeek: The Inquisition was another strong episode, different from what we’ve had before, and though there’s a big feeling of familiarity with its plotting, is building up week-on-week to concentrate on the overall plot. Read more

SciFiBulletin.com: It may not have the fast-paced action of some of the earlier instalments of the series, but this episode is, in many ways, the most ‘adult’ and most different from the British original. Read more

     PNW Screen Captures S01E11
7th Feb Written By Saara

Here are the best bits of The Inquisition, which was very intriguing. Click to see more:

Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E11

     PNW Episode Five UK Megapost *edit*
5th Feb Written By Saara

Primeval: New World continues with episode five called Undone at 9pm on Watch (the UK).

Episode Five: Undone

An anomaly opens on a university campus and a Lycaenops emerges and attacks a student. However, the anomaly closes before the SPG team can return the creature home. Meanwhile, Mac’s girlfriend continues her quest to join the unit.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E05

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E05


CrimsonTear.com: Fans of the original series may have noticed that this creature is smaller than that the Gorgonopsids that showed up a few times over the years. Gorgonopsids are a family of Therapsids, which range in size and appearance. Those were likely Inostrancevia or a Gorgonops, which are much larger in size. — Not only did this episode have the fun exploration that we have come to expect from this series, but it also did an amazing job at shaping the main characters with events that will shake the foundations for the entire team.Read more

SciFiBulletin.com: The interaction with the creatures is improving steadily too: there’s a scene with Mac that really looks as if the dinosaur was in the studio with him, thanks to the cleverly lit effects, as well as Danny Rahim’s acting. Read more

DenofGeek: Undone proves to be a surprisingly mature episode that balances the horror film stylings with some emotional and surprising developments that offset the more dodgy characterisation employed at the start of the episode, and continues a series that becomes more promising each week. It’s just a shame that it still feels, at times, like a series of one-off episodes rather than something glued together by one big over-arching plot, but the elements are coming together as the team find their footing. Read more

SFX: The final moments of the episode is beautifully shot and acted — Read more

     PNW S01E11 Tonight In Canada
5th Feb Written By Saara

Attention Canada, remember to watch The Inquisition today at 10 PM EST on Space. Again, the picture is from behind the scenes and I’m pretty sure the atmosphere won’t be that relaxed tonight.

Episode Eleven: The Inquisition

Dylan wants answers about the government’s secret lab; Evan goes up against Colonel Henderson Hall.

     PNW Promotional Stills S01E10
1st Feb Written By Saara

Here go some both HQ and MQ promotional images of The Great Escape (Episode 10):

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – Episode Ten

Credit: ImpossiblePictures, Space & FarFarAwaySite.com

     PNW Episode Ten Reviews
1st Feb Written By Saara

The Great Escape got mainly good reviews from around the internet, check them out but please remember that they contain spoilers.

ScifiBulletin: Amanda Tapping’s skills as a director continue to sharpen. — Another strong episode that maybe gives a few signposts to the season climax. Read more

CrimsonTear: Overall, I found “The Great Escape” to be an amazing experience. The acting was great across the board, the story felt very well writen, and everything fell into place exceptionally. The cast and crew all did a great job. I only wish that more of the main cast could have been a part of it. Read more

ImpactOnline: The tenth episode of Primeval: New World attempts to pull off a lighter cast line-up while, at the same time, majorly advancing some of the ideas of where the series is heading in its over-all arc. Read more

DenOfGeek: The Great Escape is one of the better episodes of the series so far and following on from the previous one proves that the mid-season break has triggered an improvement in the episodes. Read more

     Exclusive Death In Paradise promos (Hannah)
30th Jan Written By Saara

I’m happy to be able to share some exclusive promotional images of Hannah in Death In Paradise. Her episode will air on Tuesday February 12th at 9pm on BBC1. Many thanks to Ruth and Alex at BBC!

Hannah Spearritt – Death In Paradise promotional images

     PNW screen captures S01E10
30th Jan Written By Saara

I’ve capped the best bits of The Break Escape, check them out below:

Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E10

     PNW Episode Four UK Megapost
29th Jan Written By Saara

The busy Primeval fan night continues with episode four airing in the UK at 9pm on Watch. Also, Death In Paradise with Ben Miller is on at the same time on BBC1.

Episode Four: Angry Birds

Evan and Dylan investigate an anomaly in a vintage train yard, only to end up being taken hostage by drug dealers.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E04

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E04


CrimsonTear: “Angry Birds” was an excellent episode, and its story solidifies why Gillian Horvath became an executive producer for the series. Amazing job! Read more

SciFiBulletin: Terror Birds have always been one of the races that have been difficult to get right on Primeval: feathers aren’t easy to create, for a start, and there’s the temptation that they can perhaps be a bit cute. The original series story with them, filmed in Dublin Jail, overcame that problem, and the claustrophobic atmosphere of this episode helps as well – I was a little dubious about the pre-credits sequence, but the scenes in the train and the yard work really well, and full kudos to Mark Savela and the team for making the birds react so well with Andy Mikita’s live-action sequences. Read more

DenofGeek: Overall Angry Birds was an improvement over the filler episode three which, though an interesting story, didn’t really advance the series along. — On top of that, the episode contained the strongest CGI so far with a well-rendered creature that interacted well with the scenery and got a lot of screen time, in a series that has been a bit lacklustre with the creations so far. Read more

SFX: “Angry Birds” has the best humour, CGI, and character and plot development in the series so far and really raises the bar for episodes to come. Read more

     PNW S01E10 Tonight In Canada
29th Jan Written By Saara

Time goes by so fast and we’re already in the 10th episode in Canada. Remember to watch The Great Escape today at 10 PM EST on Space. P.S. The picture is from behind the scenes, I don’t think Dylan and Evan will have much time to joke around tonight.

Episode Ten: The Great Escape

Leggy, a baby Terror Bird, has grown up and escaped a government laboratory.

     Death In Paradise Episode synopsis
26th Jan Written By Saara

Here’s the episode synopsis of Hannah Spearritt’s and James Murray’s Death In Paradise appearance alongside with Ben Miller:

Death In Paradise: Episode Six
Tuesday 12 February
9.00pm on BBC1

When an English tourist is found dead in her luxury villa, strangled by her own scarf, the crime scene initially indicates a robbery gone wrong. However, shrewd Richard notes that the situation is eerily similar to a case he heard about back in London.

He becomes even more suspicious when former corrupt colleague, Doug Anderson (played by Neil Pearson), turns out to be the victim’s husband. Riled by his presence and convinced he murdered his wife, Richard is frustrated further when Doug’s alibi is watertight.

With Doug ruled out as a suspect, the team’s attention turns the villa’s owners, Will (played by Ralf Little), and Ronnie (played by James Murray) who are acting suspiciously, and the victim’s sister, Janice (played by Matilda Ziegler) who it turns out could also have a motive…

However, Richard still can’t get past the idea that Doug is somehow involved. Are DI Poole’s personal feelings clouding his usually impeccable judgement?

DI Richard Poole is played by Ben Miller, Camille Bordey by Sara Martins, Doug Anderson by Neil Pearson, Will by Ralf Little, Ronnie by James Murray, Lily by Hannah Spearritt and Janice by Matilda Ziegler.

Source: BBC

     PNW episode nine reviews *edit*
24th Jan Written By Saara

Here are first reviews of Breakthrough. Everybody seems to love Colin Ferguson and his interesting character. The reviews obviously contain spoilers, some more than others. The bits below have only general insights.

I’ve also updated the promo images album.

CrimsonTear: This episode really was a breakthrough, not only for the characters, but for the direction of the story. For most of this first season it was primarily about the team clumsily learning about the Anomalies, but now new, much darker, directions are being revealed. This series needed a more complex story to drive it forward, so bring it on! Read more

SciFiBulletin: There’s not the balls to the wall action of some episodes, but some very promising forward movement. Read more

ImpactOnline: Primeval: New World may have been perceived as merely a spin-off, but it is now a success in its own right and with it rolling out internationally (already begun in the UK and coming to France and the US later this year), one suspects that the show’s firm foundations will help it go from strength-to-strength. There’s a real feeling that the show is building towards something and it will be interesting to follow it to see how that steady evolution take place. Read more

DenofGeek: Breakthrough is an interesting and well set-up episode from the start and is actually one of the best episodes so far. The break seems to have re-invigorated the series and there are plenty of interesting plot strands set-up in this episode as well as previous ones discussed. It feels much stronger than the first half and would have given the previous episodes a boost if an episode of this quality had appeared mid-way through the original run. Read more

     PNW screen captures – Episode Nine
23rd Jan Written By Saara

It’s great to watch Primeval: New World again, I hope you enjoyed it too. Check out the screen captures of the latest episode:

Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E09

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