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     Hannah tweets Lucy
29th Aug Written By Saara

Hannah Spearritt tweeted about Lucy Brown’s project This Is Vanity. Would be great to see them work together again.

     Quote of the day
17th Aug Written By Saara

I hope all of you are already our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. We recently passed 1,000 Facebook likes and 1,500 followers, which feels absolutely wonderful. I know the main site is lacking updates at the moment but we’re active almost every day on social media. Here’s a taster of it:

Lester: Well, this could be tricky to explain to the next of kin. Good news, he’s not technically dead. Bad news, he’s turned into a mushroom.


     900 Facebook likes
5th Jul Written By Saara

We’ve just reached over 900 likes on Facebook AND 1,500 followers on Twitter. What a great day! Thanks a lot for supporting us.

     PNW on SyFy channel tonight
8th Jun Written By Saara

Attention America, Primeval: New World premieres today at 10/9c on SyFy. SyFy’s official site has been updated with photos (some new!), cast bios and dinosaur galleries. Check it all out and remember to watch it if you have a chance. Also, our very own Connor will be guest starring in today’s episode.

     London Comic Con pictures
27th May Written By Saara

Check out the first fan pictures of Hannah, Andrew and Jason at the London Comic Con on Saturday. Many thanks to Clementine for the pictures! Keep checking back for more photos.

London Comic Con fan pictures

     London Comic Con reminder
24th May Written By Saara

Just a little reminder of the London Comic Con on Saturday with Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts and Jason Flemyng. Unfortunately Tony Curran (the knight from series 3) has cancelled his appearance. If you’re going, feel free to share your pictures with us via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

     Handrew at the London Comic Con
14th May Written By Saara

Hannah and Andrew are confirmed to appear at the London Comic Con on Saturday 25th May. Jason Flemyng (Danny Quinn) will also be there on Friday and Saturday. For more information and to book your tickets, please visit their official website.

     New World USA premiere getting closer
13th May Written By Saara

Primeval: New World hits the US screens on June 8th. It will be shown on Saturdays at 10/9c. Check out the trailer and a nice promo post below.

You can put dinosaurs in just about anything and we’ll watch it, which is one reason why we’re sharing this first look promo for Syfy’s newest Original Series, “Primeval: New World,” premiering June 8th. The remaining reasons? All the other creatures that come through the anomalies with them of course! Check it out.

Synopsis: The 13-episode “Primeval: New World” stars Niall Matter (“Eureka”), Sara Canning (“The Vampire Diaries”), and Danny Rahim (“Eastenders”) as a team of animal experts and scientists investigating paranormal events while battling both prehistoric and futuristic creatures. Amanda Tapping, who starred in the Syfy series “Sanctuary” and is currently recurring on “Supernatural,” directed several episodes.

Based on the original “Primeval” series from Impossible Pictures, the “Primeval: New World” creative team is led by executive producers Martin Wood (“Sanctuary,” “Stargate: Atlantis”) and Gillian Horvath (“Sanctuary,” Highlander”). The spinoff was created by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (“Star Trek: Enterprise”, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World)” and written by Gillian Horvath, Peter Hume (“Charmed,” “Flash Gordon”), Jon Cooksey (“The Collector,” “The Outer Limits”), Sarah Dodd (“Flashpoint,” “Arctic Air”), Katherine Collins (“Endgame”), and Judith and Garfield Reeve-Stevens.

Source: DreadCentral.com

     Video: Wales Comic Con
13th May Written By Saara

Here’s 20 minute long video of Hannah and Andrew answering questions at the Wales Comic Con. I recommend using headphones while listening it in order to hear everything better. Many thanks to tarranreviews for uploading it!

     Wales Comic Con pictures *edit*
29th Apr Written By Saara

Here’s a bunch of pictures of Hannah and Andrew at the Wales Comic Con courtesy of Karen Woodham and Bonny Summers. They both look gorgeous!

Andrew Lee Potts – Wales Comic Con

Hannah Spearritt – Wales Comic Con

Credits: Karen Woodham and Bonny Summers

     Andrew to star in BBC drama By Any Means
26th Apr Written By Saara

Very exciting news for Andrew Lee Potts fans. He’ll be starring in BBC1′s new cop drama By Any Means. Their official press release can be read below and BBC has also published a first picture of it.

Filming has begun in Birmingham on BBC One’s brand new drama, By Any Means, from Red Planet Pictures – the makers of hit series Death In Paradise.

The stellar ensemble cast is headed up by Warren Brown (Luther, Good Cop), Shelley Conn (Mistresses, Marchlands) and Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Ideal) and Gina McKee (The Borgias, In The Loop).

This original crime drama, created by a team of writers led by Tony Jordan (Hustle, Life On Mars), follows a clandestine police department living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game. Living in the shadows and treading the fine line of the law, the maverick team bridge the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.

Led by the sharp and elusive Jack Quinn (Brown), alongside straight-talking Jessica Jones (Conn) and digital whizz-kid Thomas Tomkins (Potts), the shadowy and brilliant team will stop at nothing to fight fire with fire. Using insider tip-offs from the mysterious Helen Barlow (McKee), the team weave a web of cunning and deception, so when the law can’t take the criminal down, it’s up to them to deliver their unwary targets into the arms of justice.

Other names who will appear in the series include Elliot Knight (Sinbad), John Henshaw (South Riding), Keith Allen (Robin Hood), Kate Dickie (Game Of Thrones), Neil Maskell (Utopia) and Martin Jarvis (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

Commenting on his new role, Warren Brown said: “I’m thrilled and excited to be working on By Any Means. I loved Jack Quinn from the moment I read the script – he’s a great character full of contradictions which I’m looking forward to bringing to life.”

Belinda Campbell, Executive Producer for Red Planet Pictures, said: “By Any Means is a gripping and edgy drama, wonderfully crafted by our talented writing team. We’re delighted to have such a strong line-up of talent both on and off screen to translate these intricate plots and characters. With the action taking place on the cusp of the law, it provides the perfect premise for dramatic scenes, surprise twists and turns in the plot, as well as brilliantly complex and rich characters.”

Polly Hill, BBC Head of Independent Drama, said: “It’s great to see such a strong cast come together to form this original team in By Any Means. Tony has created a maverick team which we think our BBC One audience will enjoy and this cast will brilliantly bring that to screen.”

By Any Means is a Red Planet Pictures production for the BBC. The series was penned by a writing team comprising of Tony Jordan, Richard Zajdlic, James Payne, Jeff Povey and Richard Lazarus whose combined credits include Strike Back, New Tricks, This Life, Silent Witness, EastEnders and Ashes To Ashes amongst other projects.

Tony Jordan and Belinda Campbell are executive producers for Red Planet Pictures and Polly Hill for BBC One. Lead director for the series is Charles Palmer (Doctor Who); it is produced by Tim Key (Death In Paradise) and commissioned by Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC One, and Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning.

Picture and story source: BBC

     Social media update
24th Apr Written By Saara

Just a little reminder to you all, the site is currently more active in social media. Make sure you’re a part of our Facebook (we have 839 likes!) or Twitter (we have 1472 followers!) families. You don’t want to miss the daily/weekly fun quotes.

     PNW picture additions
24th Apr Written By Saara

I’ve made some updates to the Primeval: New World picture section. Check out some gorgeous HQs below:

Primeval: New World – Individual photoshoots

Primeval: New World – Group photoshoots

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills

Credit: FarFarAwaySite.com, Space, Watch & ProSieben

     PNW Episode Thirteen UK Megapost *edit*
2nd Apr Written By Saara

UK, prepare yourselves for the best Primeval: New World episode ever. The season finale is a fantastic way to end the show (but hopefully this is not the last episode we’ll ever see…). The presence of the one and only Connor Temple makes it even better. So, remember to watch the Watch channel at 9pm.

Episode 13 – The Sound Of Thunder (Part 2)

Connor Temple returns to help the team locate Evan, who is trapped underground and facing a showdown with the creature that killed his wife.


Primeval: New World – Screen Captures – S01E13

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E13


CrimsonTear.com: Sadly this episode had all the “problems” that most season finale’s have: huge excitement, massive advancements, great stories, characters oozing with feeling, and a colossal event at the end that leaves us wanting more. We want more, dammit, and we want it next week, not whenever the next season comes, if it comes. (Sigh) Read more

Impact Online: Potts brings in the awkward charm of Connor seen in the original show with a more pro-active and seasoned stance. Read more

DenofGeek: The Sound of Thunder (Part 2) was certainly one of the strongest episodes in the run. There was plenty of fan service in it with the return of Connor whose presence, advice, references to Abby were intrinsic to the plot and were balanced between pleasing the UK fans, not being too alienating to new viewers but equally making us wish we’d seen some of the events mentioned actually playing out on UK screens. Read more

SFX: So here we are at the end. This really is a fantastic final episode of the series: it leaves you wanting more and it’s a shame the show has been cancelled (tear, sob). Read more

     PNW premiere in Germany
27th Mar Written By Saara

ProSieben will start showing Primeval: New World next week. It will be shown on Fridays at 22:50, the premiere being April 5th. Check out their website here.

     PNW Episode Twelve UK Megapost
26th Mar Written By Saara

Exciting times ahead as the first part of the Primeval: New World season finale airs in the UK tonight at 9pm on Watch channel. You don’t want to miss this. Next week Connor Temple will make his return but before that some other kind of action.

Episode 12 – The Sound Of Thunder (Part 1)

When Toby is stung by a poisonous Brontoscorpio, Evan and Dylan must chase the creature back through the Anomaly to get a sample of its venom. But can they get back in time?


Primeval: New World – Screen Captures – S01E12

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E12


CrimsonTear.com: So far ‘The Sound of Thunder’ is on track of being the best Primeval episode yet, including the original series. If this level of quality continues into the second part, it should make for an unforgettable season finale. Read more

Impact Online: Clearly the most ambitious episode to date, this is bigger in creative scope and visual canvas than any of the outings to date. Read more

DenofGeek: The Sound of Thunder (Part 1) borrows heavily from the old series but does build a bigger sense of scale around them with plenty of tangible fear and danger. Read more

SFX: It’s going to be sad to see Primeval: New World reach its conclusion especially now that’s it’s gotten so good, and let’s hope it doesn’t end on a major cliffhanger. Read more

     PNW Episode Eleven UK Megapost *edit*
19th Mar Written By Saara

Remember to watch the episode number 11 of Primeval: New World tonight, it’s called The Inquisition. As usual, it’s on Watch at 9pm.

Episode 11 – The Inquisition

Dylan and Mac go looking for information on the government’s secret lab, while Evan has to deal with a military officer who demands access to the anomalies.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E11

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E11


CrimsonTear.com: ‘The Inquisition’ wouldn’t have been anything if not for the amazing quality of the acting. Read more

ImpactOnline: The fact is that though there’s information in spades and some interesting debate-worthy motivations revealed, this is very much all setup for what’s to come, getting people where they need to be and dusting off the toy-box for playtime. Read more

DenofGeek: The Inquisition was another strong episode, different from what we’ve had before, and though there’s a big feeling of familiarity with its plotting, is building up week-on-week to concentrate on the overall plot. Read more

SciFiBulletin.com: It may not have the fast-paced action of some of the earlier instalments of the series, but this episode is, in many ways, the most ‘adult’ and most different from the British original. Read more

SFX: “The Inquisition” is character-driven and full of drama – instead of the usual thrills and scares – and it works. It’s a fantastic episode that makes good use of non-chronological storytelliing, throwing in flashback from previous episodes, and jumping between the Cross Photonics lab and the Project Magnet headquarters. Read more

     Videos: Birmingham Comic Con
18th Mar Written By Saara

Here are some professional videos from the Birmingham Comic Con. Very funny, informative and entertaining. Andrew tries to imitate the future predator, Hannah has baked cupcakes and Lucy is so beautiful. Remember to watch them till the end because they all give a special message to fans.

     Birmingham Comic Con
17th Mar Written By Saara

Our Primeval trio Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland) and Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis) were at the Birmingham Comic Con yesterday and will be present also today. Here are some gorgeous shots of them. Also Tony Curran, the knight from Series 3, was there.

Andrew Lee Potts – Birmingham Comic Con

Hannah Spearritt – Birmingham Comic Con

Lucy Brown – Birmingham Comic Con

Many thanks to Kiri Leach for some of the pictures!

     Birmingham Comic Con reminder
13th Mar Written By Saara

Hannah tweets about the Birmingham Comic Con, which takes place this weekend. Hannah, Andrew Lee Potts and Lucy Brown will be there on both Saturday and Sunday. Their autograph and photoshoot are £15 each. For more information, please visit their official page. If any of you are going, feel free to share your pictures and experiences with us!

The chances of a T-Rex menacing the NEC may be small, but here’s a trio of special guests up to handling any kind of dino disaster – Andrew Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt and Lucy Brown from hit British sci-fi show Primeval.

Starring in five seasons of Primeval before joining the series’ North American spin-off, Primeval: New World, Andrew Lee Potts plays palaeontology student Connor Temple. Intrigued by conspiracy theories and cryptozoology, Connor has an invaluable knowledge of prehistoric creatures.

Hannah Spearritt joined the Primeval cast in 2006, following a glittering pop career as one of the founding members of S Club 7. Hannah plays lizard-loving zookeeper Abby Maitland, who in a case of art imitating life ends up going out with Connor Temple, played by Hannah’s real-life fiancé Andrew Lee Potts.

Meanwhile, Lucy Brown appeared in the dual roles of Claudia Brown and Jenny Lewis. Although they appear physically identical, the two have very different personalities – Jenny has a much bossier and stubborn streak than Claudia, who was in love with is in love with Douglas Henshall’s character, Nick Cutter

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