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     Lucy joins Handrew at Birmingham Comic Con
7th Mar Written By Saara

We’ve already told you that Andrew Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt will be at the Birmingham Comic Con on March 16th-17th. They are joined by their co-star and real-life friend Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis).

The Comic Con and Memorabilia events are held side by side at the NEC, Birmingham. Comic Con visitors get into Memorabilia free of charge. Children under 10 get in free if accompanied by a paying adult.

Listed below are some of the star guests lined up for the shows.

Primeval stars Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), also famous as an original member of S Club 7, and Lucy Brown, who played both Claudia Brown and Jenny Lewis.

Tickets for MCM Birmingham Comic Con on 16-17 March are available at www.mcmcomiccon.com/birmingham

Source: Coventrytelegraph.net

     PNW Episode Nine UK Megapost *Edit*
5th Mar Written By Saara

Be sure to watch the 9th episode of Primeval: New World tonight at 9pm on Watch. A special guest is Colin Ferguson, Niall Matter’s co-star from Eureka.

Episode Nine: Breakthrough

The team tries to return a triceratops to its own time after footage of the creature ends up on the internet, but the mission leads to a run-in with an old enemy of Evan’s.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E09

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E09


CrimsonTear: This episode really was a breakthrough, not only for the characters, but for the direction of the story. For most of this first season it was primarily about the team clumsily learning about the Anomalies, but now new, much darker, directions are being revealed. This series needed a more complex story to drive it forward, so bring it on! Read more

SciFiBulletin: There’s not the balls to the wall action of some episodes, but some very promising forward movement. Read more

ImpactOnline: Primeval: New World may have been perceived as merely a spin-off, but it is now a success in its own right and with it rolling out internationally (already begun in the UK and coming to France and the US later this year), one suspects that the show’s firm foundations will help it go from strength-to-strength. There’s a real feeling that the show is building towards something and it will be interesting to follow it to see how that steady evolution take place. Read more

DenofGeek: Breakthrough is an interesting and well set-up episode from the start and is actually one of the best episodes so far. The break seems to have re-invigorated the series and there are plenty of interesting plot strands set-up in this episode as well as previous ones discussed. It feels much stronger than the first half and would have given the previous episodes a boost if an episode of this quality had appeared mid-way through the original run. Read more

SFX: Another tri-riffic (see what we did there?) episode in the series featuring a beloved dinosaur (is there anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for a triceratops?), a special guest star who is a bit special, and emotional performances by the cast. Read more

     Did PNW deserve to be cancelled?
27th Feb Written By Saara

Den Of Geek analyses Primeval: New World and its success by considering the characters, plotlines and creatures amongst other things and compares it to the original series. If you haven’t seen all of the episodes yet, it contains major spoilers. For others it’s worth reading.

Philip evaluates the success of Primeval New World, recently dropped by its network, and asks whether it deserves another chance…

Warning: this feature contains spoilers for Primeval New World

Last week Primeval New World came to an end on Canadian sci-fi channel Space after a thirteen-episode run. A spin-off from the UK Primeval, now seemingly languishing in cancellation hell, it was purported to be an “older, darker and scarier” version of the five-season programme that inspired it, about anomalies opening up around the world allowing creatures from the past and future to invade our world, and the team who deal with them.

Primeval New World featured an entirely new cast – with one guest appearance aside – and a team discovering the anomalies for the first time. Admittedly, the show had its ups and downs (and more of the latter near the beginning of its run), but did it deserve to be dropped by Space? And, should it find a home on another network, what needs to change?

Read more.

     PNW Episode Eight UK Megapost *edit*
26th Feb Written By Saara

The 8th episode of Primeval: New World airs tonight at 9pm on Watch. A word of warning, the promotional images are very spoilery this time. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t click. The same goes for the screen captures, obviously.

By the way, have you seen our PNW episode guides and cast section?

center>Episode Eight: Truth

A dinosaur is on the loose in the middle of Vancouver, while Evan has an encounter with the creature that killed his wife.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E08

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E08


CrimsonTear.com: “Truth” is the perfect episode to demonstrate how this series has taken the original Primeval concept and evolved it into something so much more realistic feeling and dramatic, and is definitely my new favourite episode of the series. All the cast and crew should be very proud of themselves! Read more

ScifiBulletin: There’s some great acting on display from the entire team: Miranda Frigon, Danny Rahim and Crystal Lowe especially are thrown some curveballs by the script, and it’s all held together by strong performances from Niall Matter and Sara Canning. Read more

DenOfGeek: Truth has been the best episode of the series yet, and one of three that really stand out so far from the eight. From the limited North American series I’ve seen so far, Primeval New World has shown itself to be similar to the series that last twenty episodes plus: setting up an intriguing plot line in episode one then not coming back to it until many episodes later. Read more

SFX: This was the first episode in the series to give the full-on wow factor. Read more

     Save Primeval(s)
23rd Feb Written By Saara

As you all probably know, Primeval: New World has been cancelled after one series and there are no plans for Primeval series 6. Primeval: New World official are negotiating with international broadcasters and partners so there might be a slight chance for revival, like what happened when Watch and ProSieben amongst others joined forces to produce Primeval S4 and S5.

The best way to bring the shows back is obviously watching them (in legal and countable ways) and buying e.g. the DVD releases. Below are some useful links you could support too:

Renew Primeval: New World
Save Primeval New World
Petition for a Primeval Series 6 & 7

     Win a Skype chat with Andrew
23rd Feb Written By Saara

Andrew Lee Potts and Keychainproductions.co.uk are hosting different competitions with several prizes. One of them is a chance to have a Skype chat with him and Alex Moss. The following is taken from his Facebook page:

The Big Competition

Hi all, thanks for the all the Little Links pictures you have emailed in up to this point. We like.
After a Keychain meeting we have decided to step up the competition a little.
So here is how it works… COMPETITION 1,2 & 3 !!

1) The Writing competition

A super slick Keychain Productions USB Key-ring filled with behind the scenes stuff that has never been released

How To Win
We just want you the write a review of our last short film Monitor. Its as easy as that. Make it dynamic and interesting and our favorite will be posted on the website next to the film and you will also win the above prize.
In honor of this competition we have SLASHED the rental price of Monitor to a very reasonable £1.99. This will only be at this price till the 31st of March when the competition closes. So get watching and review away!
All entries must be emailed to keychainlinks@yahoo.co.uk
Good luck all, and enjoy Monitor

2) The Picture competition

A super slick Keychain Productions USB Key ring filled with behind the scenes stuff that has never been released and….
A 20 minute personal Skype Q & A with Alex Moss & Andrew Lee Potts!
We will arrange a time with you that works and they will call you up for a VIDEO CHAT!

How To Win
Send us pictures of just you or friends/family with our Keychain or Little Links merchandise (from The Little Links Shop) Some of you have done this already. Don’t forget its going be the most creative/fun/cheeky picture that will win. Be inventive & resourceful (thats what Keychain is all about) Send your entries to keychainlinks@yahoo.co.uk You can enter as many times as you like. Competition closes on the 31st of March, so get ordering and snap away! Best of luck.

3) The Secret Donation

A 45 minute personal Skype Q & A with Alex Moss & Andrew Lee Potts!
We will arrange a time with you that works and they will call you up for a VIDEO CHAT!
Pick our brains about filmmaking, acting, writing or just have a fun chat. your choice.

How To Win
The largest Donation to Keychain through this website (paypal) between now & the 31st of March when the competition closes will win. Good luck, and we hope to be chatting to you soon ;-)

pottsy x


     PNW Episode Thirteen Reviews
22nd Feb Written By Saara

The first reviews of Episode 13 are in. Some knew about the cancellation at the time, some didn’t. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the season finale, which was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

CrimsonTear.com: Sadly this episode had all the “problems” that most season finale’s have: huge excitement, massive advancements, great stories, characters oozing with feeling, and a colossal event at the end that leaves us wanting more. We want more, dammit, and we want it next week, not whenever the next season comes, if it comes. (Sigh) Read more

Impact Online: Potts brings in the awkward charm of Connor seen in the original show with a more pro-active and seasoned stance. Read more

DenofGeek: The Sound of Thunder (Part 2) was certainly one of the strongest episodes in the run. There was plenty of fan service in it with the return of Connor whose presence, advice, references to Abby were intrinsic to the plot and were balanced between pleasing the UK fans, not being too alienating to new viewers but equally making us wish we’d seen some of the events mentioned actually playing out on UK screens. Read more

SciFiBulletin: Soon

     Primeval: New World cancelled
22nd Feb Written By Saara

Primeval: New World has been cancelled after one season due to weak ratings. I’m really disappointed because especially the last episodes were super good and it had huge potential. BUT, a string of hope, the original series was cancelled after series 3 but brought back later. Fingers crossed for Cross & the team.

The Sara Canning-starring dino drama, a Canadian spinoff of the ITV sci-fi series, will not be returning to the network after a rookie-season run.

Canada’s Space channel is not giving a second-season order to Primeval: New World, the local spinoff of the Primeval sci-fi series on ITV.

Space-parent Bell Media said it will not renew the Sara Canning and Neil Matter-starring dino drama from Omni Film Productions and British partner Impossible Pictures.

Weak ratings explain the decision to allow the Canadian-British co-production that used extensive elements from the British sci-fi drama to go the way of the dinosaurs on Space.

The series, which sees Canning play a predator-attack expert and Matter an inventor and visionary hero, is still to air on Syfy stateside after a sale by international distributor Entertainment One.

Source: HollywoodReporter

     Another Comic Con visit for Handrew
22nd Feb Written By Saara

Hannah and Andrew are going to be at the Birmingham Comic Con on March 16th and 17th. According to their website, they will be there on both Saturday and Sunday.

     PNW Episode 13 screen Captures
20th Feb Written By Saara

There’s so much I’d like to say about the Primeval: New World season finale, but this is a spoiler-free site, so I’ll shut up. All I say is AMAZING. Check out the screen captures below, including Mr. Temple. They may contain spoilers though.

Primeval: New World – Screen Captures – S01E13

     PNW S01E13 Tonight In Canada
19th Feb Written By Saara

How did time go by so fast? It feels like the first PNW episode was just yesterday… Anyhow, the season finale airs tonight in Canada. The events and tensions have been building up and I’m sure we’re going to have an excellent episode. What’s more, Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple) will guest star in it, so plenty of reasons to watch. Let’s hope we’ll hear about a second season soon.

Episode Thirteen: The Sound Of Thunder (Part Two)

Connor Temple returns; Evan faces the Albertosaurus that killed his wife.

     PNW Episode Seven UK Megapost *edit*
19th Feb Written By Saara

UK, don’t forget to watch Primeval: New World tonight at 9pm on Watch. The episode is called Babes in the Woods and is one of my ultimate favourites, because it reminds me of the atmosphere in the original series.

Episode Seven: Babes in the Woods

An anomaly opens near the location of a photoshoot in a forest, where some of Toby’s old friends are modelling, and leading to a photographer being killed by a dinosaur.


Primeval: New World – Screen captures – S01E07

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – Episode Seven


CrimsonTear.com: Even though “Babes in the Woods” wasn’t as suspenseful or action packed as the past episodes, it was great example of how a lighter and funnier episode can still be very entertaining when done right. Read more

ScifiBulletin: Finally, a word about the effects – there’s a moment where the dino of the week runs through a puddle. Full marks to Mark Savela and the team for the finesse with which that worked. Read more

DenOfGeek: Babes In The Wood brings us to over the halfway mark of the series. So far Primeval New World has definitely been worth the watch with the CGI proving strong and the character development arguably better than the UK original, but the overall plotting and sense of drama seems considerably less than the series that inspired it. Read more

SFX: This is a strong episode, with the perfect amount of fun, humour, action, dinosaurs, and naughtiness. We’re at the half-way point of the first season, so let’s hope they can keep it up. Read more

     PNW Episode 13 promotional stills
17th Feb Written By Saara

I’ve added some HQs stills of the Primeval: New World season finale, which airs on Tuesday. As you all probably know, Andrew Lee Potts (as Connor Temple) will guest star in it. Can’t wait!

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E13

Credit: Impossible Pictures, Space, FarFarAwaySite.com

     Videos of Handrew at the MCM Expo
17th Feb Written By Saara

Check out these videos of Hannah and Andrew answering to fans’ questions at the Midlands Comic Con. Many thanks to our friends Primeval Arcadians and Tracy!

I liked the question where one fan asked where they would go through an anomaly (the first question in the 2nd video). Hannah wants to go to the 60′s and Andrew to 2006, when they started filming Primeval.

     PNW Episode Twelve Reviews
16th Feb Written By Saara

The first reviews of Episode 12 are in. One reviewer calls it the best Primeval episode ever, including the original series. Do you agree?

CrimsonTear.com: So far ‘The Sound of Thunder’ is on track of being the best Primeval episode yet, including the original series. If this level of quality continues into the second part, it should make for an unforgettable season finale. Read more

Impact Online: Clearly the most ambitious episode to date, this is bigger in creative scope and visual canvas than any of the outings to date. Read more

DenofGeek: The Sound of Thunder (Part 1) borrows heavily from the old series but does build a bigger sense of scale around them with plenty of tangible fear and danger. Read more

SciFiBulletin: Soon

     Pictures: Midlands Comic Con
16th Feb Written By Saara

Here are first pictures of Hannah and Andrew at the Midlands Comic Con today. Many thanks to Ian for sharing them!

Hannah Spearritt & Andrew Lee Potts – Midlands Comic Con 2013

     PNW Episode 13 Preview
16th Feb Written By Saara

Check out Connor in the Primeval: New World season finale but beware of spoilers. I can’t wait till Tuesday.

Watch it here

     Midlands Comic Con reminder
15th Feb Written By Saara

Hannah and Andrew will be at the Midlands Comic Con tomorrow. You can view the guest list here and buy your tickets here. If you go there, don’t hesitate to get back to us and share your pictures, videos, stories etc.

     PNW Episode 12 Stills & Captures
13th Feb Written By Saara

Here go screen captures and promotional stills of The Sound of Thunder (episode 12), which I really enjoyed. I can’t wait for the big finale next week.

Primeval: New World – Screen Captures – S01E12

Primeval: New World – Promotional Stills – S01E12

     Death In Paradise screen captures
13th Feb Written By Saara

Here are some screen captures of yesterday’s Death In Paradise episode (2×06). It was great to see the Primeval stars together. I hope it’s alright to say that Stabby fans might get some nice memories.

Ben Miller – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

Hannah Spearritt – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

James Murray – Death In Paradise – Screen captures

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