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     Throwback Thursday
5th Jun Written By Saara

Happy Throwback Thursday with our leading ladies Claudia and Helen!

Helen: You’re gonna have to trust me. It’s either that or a radical makeover from our friends back there.
Claudia: Tough call. Maybe just this once.

     Throwback Thursday!
29th May Written By Saara

Enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday quote and picture.

Jenny: So what do we do now?
Lester: We carry on. Daphne and Scrappy will have to take charge of the anomaly operation.
Connor: You mean us?
Lester: Unfortunately yes. God help us.

     Hannah talks about Primeval
26th May Written By Saara

Geek Ireland met Hannah Spearritt at MCM Ireland Comic Con last month. Hannah talked about how she’s been to Dublin with S Club and to shoot Primeval Series 4 and 5. She also revealed that Abby was supposed to appear in Primeval: New World but her contract didn’t make it possible. What a shame. It would have been great to see both Abby and Connor there. See the full interview below:

     Throwback Thursday!
22nd May Written By Saara

Have a nice Throwback Thursday everyone!

Jess: I don’t believe it, there’s another one. It’s outside. In the car park.
Lester: Oh my God! My new Jag’s in the car park! This time it’s personal.

     Throwback Thursday!
15th May Written By Saara

Do you miss the sassy Dr Sarah Page? The departure of Sarah was a ‘creative decision’ from the production team because they wanted to introduce new characters. Also, Series 4 and 5 were shot in Dublin and it would have been difficult for Laila Rouass to move there because she didn’t want to take her daughter away from home for 10 months.

Sarah: Okay, I’m in.
Lester: I feel safer already.

     Throwback Thursday!
8th May Written By Saara

Happy Throwback Thursday! Check out our Facebook and Twitter for more feel-good pictures and quotes!

Cutter: Relax everybody, it’s only a python.
Mrs Davis: Only a python? What the hell were you expecting?

     Throwback Thursday!
24th Apr Written By Saara

Have a nice Throwback Thursday!

Jenny: So what did you do with the helicopter?
Danny: I’ll just nip back and get it, shall I?

     Happy Easter!
20th Apr Written By Saara

Picture: fourletterlife.com

Have a primevaltastic Easter everyone! And uh-uh, there seem to be dino babies on the loose. Someone call the ARC!

     Throwback Thursday!
17th Apr Written By Saara

Enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday picture and quote:

Becker: How long until this wears off?
Matt: Burning, a couple of hours. Headaches, couple of days. The humiliation, well, that kind of depends when I get bored of it, really.

     Throwback Thursday!
10th Apr Written By Saara

It’s Throwback Thursday and Lester strikes again. Also, actor Ben Miller is to guest star in the new series of Doctor Who and “cannot believe his luck in joining the 12th Doctor”. Read more about it here.

Jenny: There was an eye witness, a young woman at the museum.
Lester: Well, you know, have her shot and dispose of her body discreetly. Just kidding.

     Hannah reveals her Primeval favourites
7th Apr Written By Saara

Hannah Spearritt revealed on Twitter that her favourite Primeval seasons are 1 and 2. Good choice! What’s yours?

     Donate to Keychain Productions
3rd Apr Written By Saara

Andrew Lee Potts was running a fun campaign on his Facebook page, where he posted behind the scenes pictures of his various projects for every £10 donation to Keychain Productions. We got to see two cool pictures from Primeval Series 1 too. The challenge may be over but you can still donate.

     90 000 visits!
3rd Apr Written By Saara

Amazing news, our main site has just reached over 90,000 visits! I can’t wait to hit that one zero zero zero zero zero. Thanks so much for visiting everyone. Primeval may be over as a show (however we remain hopeful) but the fanbase is still very much alive. Make sure you check our social media pages Facebook and Twitter to get more updates.

     Throwback Thursday!
3rd Apr Written By Saara

Happy Throwback Thursday fellow Primeval fans! The credit of this picture goes to PrettyHeartAttacks.tumblr.com. I cropped it a little bit, click here to see the original.

     Throwback Thursday!
27th Mar Written By Saara

Throwback Thursday featuring Captain Hilary Becker.

Matt: We’re going to have kill it.
Becker: Finally common sense. Leave it with me.

     More auction items
22nd Mar Written By Saara

After a succesful bidding of Connor’s compass, Andrew Lee Potts has put more items to eBay. He’s selling a Series 2 top and two tops from Series 4&5. They will be delivered worldwide and the profits will be used to fund Keychain Productions.

Primeval’s Connor Temple series 2 T shirt (very cool;) worn by myself (Andrew Lee Potts) in many eps of Primeval. (size M) BID HERE

Connor Temple’s Primeval series 4&5 costume tops. both size M. both tops worn by myself (Andrew Lee Potts) in Series 4 (brown top) and Series 5 (black and yellow stitched together top). BID HERE

     Buy Connor’s compass
17th Mar Written By Saara

Andrew Lee Potts is selling the compass that Connor used in Series 1 and Series 2. Please notice that the delivery is to the UK only. Happy bidding!


Unique PRIMEVAL – Connor Temple’s Compass prop. As used in both series 1 & 2 by myself (Actor Andrew Lee Potts)
This Compass was a very important part of the show. Once was Cutters then past down to Connor. The Compass was engraved many years ago with how Connor felt about Abby but was kept by Connor. That make this a very special part of Connor Temple . This was not just a prop, it became part of Connors costume. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a very Unique Primeval prop ;-)

     Behind the scenes of Primeval
15th Mar Written By Saara

Ruth Kearney shared a hilarious picture of her, Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Ben Mansfield and his wife Vicki Campbell. The picture was supposedly taken during the filming of Primeval 5. I love it!

     Throwback Thursday!
13th Mar Written By Saara

Happy Throwback Thursday! In S05E01 Connor was having some insect problems but luckily Lester remained calm.

Lester: Don’t worry, Matt will find him. If you were an insect, would you want to eat Connor?

     Throwback Thursday!
6th Mar Written By Saara

Have nice Throwback Thursday!

Lester: Suppose this remarkable theory [anomalies] is correct, what are the immediate risks?
Cutter: Famine, war, pestilence. The end of the world as we know it. You know, the usual stuff.

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